Are Lipomas Common?

Are Lipomas Common?

Lipoma’s are very common and occur in 1-2 out of every 100 people on earth. That’s 1-2% of the population which equals about 70-140 million people who will experience lipoma lumps at some stage of their lives. For someone that is newly diagnosed with lipoma, the idea could be scary, but rest assured that Lipoma lumps are very common and in most cases harmless.

Lipomas can appear on any part of the body and they generally appear in clusters called “Lipoma Clusters”. So this means that if you have one lipoma, chances are more will appear in that area of the body. But lipoma growths can also appear randomly through the body and the most common placed where lipomas can be found are the torso, arms, upper thighs, back and neck.

Sometimes a person may experience just one lipoma that grows quite large in size. Other people may experience smaller lipomas, but a larger number of the growths. There is no predictable pattern, and the growths vary from one person to the next.

Fortunately, lipoma growths are benign, and they are simply fatty cell deposits most commonly found under the skin. Fibrous sacks are developed by the body, which starts to fill with fatty substances, growing over time and increasing in size. Experts are not certain of the exact cause of lipoma growths, but many attribute this condition to genetic factors as lipomas can run in the family.

Lipomas are often harmless and slow growing. People can live with these fatty deposits under the skin without any issues. Some lipomas can be a health concern however as they can become infected or cause blockages and pain as they grow. Its also important to note that many that have lipomas may not even know it. Lipomas can be quite small and remain un-noticed for years or even a lifetime.

The best way to treat and prevent lipoma’s is to adjust your diet accordingly and to make some lifestyle changes as well as take some basic supplements that will help your body with fat and nutrient distribution. These natural “holistic” treatments have been praised by many experts and suggested to reduce lipoma size and prevent additional lipoma lumps from forming.

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