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Lipomas are benign tumours composed of fatty tissues and are also the most common form of soft tissue tumors. They are soft to the touch, usually painless and movable. Generally, they are small, but can enlarge in sizes larger than six centimeters.


Although the exact cause of them remains known, it’s theorised that the process of digestion and metabolism of food which work properly cause lipomas. The results are toxins that form and reduce bile secretion from liver or cause bad food intake.

Usually, these toxins are eliminated out of the body, but in some cases, they remain inside and start to be absorbed into the blood stream. One remedy seems to be the Ayurvedic treatment.


As there is fat deposition in the body, it means that there is Kapha derangement. Thus, patients with lipoma should undergo Vamana, an ermetic therapy, one of the five most important treatment groups, named Panchakarma.


Additionally, Ayurvedic procedure called Udwartana controls the fat deposition. There are also many herbo mineral products, but be sure they are safe. Moreover, avoid foods such as eggs, milk products (cheese, curd, paneer). People that suffer from lipomas should also exercise regularly, wake up in the morning early and drink two glasses of luke warm water after brushing.


Thus, the body is cleaned by toxins and there will be better bowel movement and urination. There are some special Ayurvedic herbs, but they should be taken exactly as the Ayurvedic doctor prescribes them.

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