Can exercise help to prevent Lipoma?

Exercise for Lipoma prevention
Exercise for Lipoma

Exercise can work wonders for the human body – this I think every knows by now. But can exercise influence the formation and progression of lipoma? Or can exercise even help to prevent lipoma? This is a topic that has been highly discussed over the years. There are many experts that believe exercise is a factor for lipoma formation and can even help in preventing lipoma formation or even send some lipoma’s into regression.

Lipoma’s are believe by many experts to be formed due to chemical imbalances in the human body along with many other factors, some of which are genetic and inherited which we can’t do much about. So lets focus on the factors that we can control! The are many studies out there that have proven that proper diet and exercise can drastically help to increase your metabolism and stimulate organs like your liver and gallbladder to burn body fat. Well guess what? – Lipomas are made up of fatty tissue just like all the other fat in your body!

Lipomas are nothing more than fatty lumps that form usually under the skin. They tend to be harmless but sometimes can cause discomfort and even become a health risk to some if they are located in areas that can damage other body functions. Proper diet and especially regular exercise will without a doubt impact on your body’s body fat percentage, which will influence lipomas since they are made of fatty tissue. A reduction in body fat may lead to reduction in the size of a lipoma!

Reducing body fat, especially if you have too much of it, is always a good idea. Not just for lipoma treatment but also for other health and well-being issues. A regular exercise routine is needed for everyone and will help in preventing many diseases like cancer, obesity, cardio vascular…etc. Exercising stimulates your body’s metabolic rate and activates your liver in burning up more fat cells. There is a very high chance that this exercise will also help to shrink a lipoma and send it into regression.

When starting an exercise program it is important to start slowly and take it gradually. Your body is a highly adaptive machine – give it too much and it will break down (you give up!), give it too little and it will not react (and you will not see the benefit). You need to add exercise in at a pace where you feel comfortable and are gradually pushing your discomfort zone. I would recommend starting with 3 times a week of 20 minutes of an activity you enjoy doing – fast walking, jogging, swimming, bike riding, the gym, aerobics, zoomba…. actually whatever elevates your heart rate and gets you panting! It’s really simple and the hardest part is getting started. After a few weeks, increase your sessions to 30 minutes, then 45 minutes and then start to add in more weekly sessions. After about 8 weeks, you should be aiming for 4 sessions a week of 45-55 minutes.

This exercise should also be accompanied by a good healthy diet. Lots of clean water is always a good idea as this helps to detoxify your body and wash out all those unwanted salts and chemicals. There are plenty of web resources that go into how to plan a healthy diet, so a simple Google search should get you plenty of ideas. Don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot me an email if you would like me to write something up on a health diet for lipoma prevention.

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