Lipoma Removal Surgery

Lipoma Removal Surgery performed in public right on TV! Easy enough right? Are you thinking of having a lipoma removed by surgery for the first time? This video could help you get prepared for this procedure. It might look a bit “off-putting” but that’s just the nature of having someone cut open the skin. What the video does show well is that lipoma removal by surgery is actually a quick, easy and hopefully painless procedure if the anesthetic was applied correctly, which should be a give by an experienced caregiver or surgeon. So take a look at the video and get mentally prepared for your surgery.

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Lipoma Removal by Surgery or Liposuction

A very informative video by Dr. Darrick Antell, MD, explaining how to remove a lipoma. Depending on their size and location on the body, a lipoma can be removed via surgical procedure or liposuction. Typically, a small lipoma is removed via surgery and a large lipoma via liposuction. Lipoma removal by Liposuction has both advantages and disadvantages. While it allows for a very small needle size incision and avoids the scaring that a typical surgical cut may produce; with liposuction, part of the lipoma can be missed and left behind, causing it to grow back.

Dr Antell describes a lipoma as a firm little rubbery area under the skin typically the size of a grape, which you can role around under the skin. Lipomas can grow and become painful over time by putting pressure on nerves and adjacent structures. Most people come in with 1-3 lipomas but some can have over 100! This is not just a health concern, but a significant cosmetic concern.

Lipoma removal by surgery requires local anaesthetic and a small incision where the lipoma is located and the lipoma is “squeezed” out like delivering a baby describes Dr. Antell. As for Liposuction, a needle is inserted into the lipoma and the fatty cells are simply sucked out. With liposuction, the lipoma sufferer can usually go home directly after. With surgery, a short followup period maybe required depending on the surgery performed.

Dr Antell does have great reviews and has been quoted to care very much about his patients and their wellbeing, with persistent followup sessions to make sure they are recovering adequately. You can visit Dr Antell’s website (this was not a promotional post. I do not know Dr Antell, just enjoyed his informative video)

Cosmetic Lipoma Removal – Why and How?

Cosmetic LipomaLipomas are often a concern for cosmetic reasons. Depending on their size and location on or in the body, a lipoma may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time! On top of the cosmetic issues associated with lipomas, they can often emit a foul smell, which for many is even worse then cosmetic issues, as a foul smelling lipoma is very difficult to conceal.

Regardless of the location, size or smell of a lipoma, they can be a major insecurity in someone’s life and cause confidence to decrease which affects performance and motivation, leading to concern and sometimes depression. Lipomas located on ones face or neck are often the most common reasons for cosmetic concern. Other places where lipomas are of cosmetic concern in on the abdomen or thighs.

Removing a lipoma is often done via surgery or liposuction but do not forget that for some people, natural treatments have been demonstrated to work very well. A combination of lifestyle and dietary changes to ones day can help a lipoma regress and prevent future lipomas from forming. Start by reading out free guide.

If surgery is recommended by your doctor, you will need to consider the pros and cons of that action and do your research. A second opinion never hurts as there are significant risk factors to some types of surgeries performed to remove lipomas.

If you would like to watch a video on what lipoma surgery looks like, we have one here.