Lipoma Scientific Publications on the Rise

After a casual scientific literature scan of some of the more recent scientific publications for lipoma related studies I noticed a promising trend of increased publication in the field of lipoma. Below you will see a graph which i plotted using (cool software!) showing yearly publication numbers related to lipoma since the year 1886. You can see a clear increase in publications with a record number in 2013 of 400 peer-reviewed scientific publication for lipoma related studies. That’s more the one a day! For those awaiting a cure, these are promising statistics. I will be reporting on some of the more noteworthy studies in recent years so check back at or join my newsletter to not miss out on important updates.

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Metadichol (Polilex) for Treating Lipoma

Could the Nutraceutical Metadichol® (Polilex) be the answer for Lipoma Treatment?

A recent formulation is being devised for the treatment of many conditions ranging from Eczema, Psoriasis, Lipoma, wrinkles, warts, MRSA and other skin infections. Its called Metadichol® (Polilex).

Polilex for LipomaMetadichol (aka Polilex) is actually a byproduct of the agricultural industry and present in very small amounts in foods we consume on a daily basis.  Metadichol (derived from sugar cane or rice, grapes, wheat, peanuts, apple and broccoli etc) has been around for billions of years and helps the cells by interacting with nuclear receptors to boost the immune system, which is often the cause of a disease when compromised in some form, whether it be by innate factors (our makeup) or external factors (foreign organisms and molecules).

Many drugs on the market today actually treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the disease. This often leads to compromised immune systems that in the long run are a result of further manifestation of disease (think of antibiotics for example). Food based drugs like Metadichol have been natural elements of our diets already for centuries. Now, in higher bio-activity form, Metadichol is being tested to treat diseases like Eczema, Psoriasis, Lipoma, wrinkles, warts, MRSA and other skin infections.

These types of drugs are often referred to as “Nutraceuticals” and this market is growing very fast due to the need to have alternatives to drugs that treat the symptoms and not the cause, as well as the consumer (us) becoming a lot more conscious about the foods and medications we place in our bodies. Did you know that the average drug has approximately 80 side effects? These side effects are for a reason – They are an indication that the molecule we are putting into our body is foreign and not well tolerated in the bodies naturally ecosystem. It is there to do one thing: Treat the undesired symptom. But in doing so, often triggers a range of secondary symptoms which sometimes leads to poorer health and quality of life.

Metadichol is a small molecule only 53 nm in size and can enter through the nuclear pores to interact with our genes and helps repairs the diseased cells and boost immune system function. Positive effects for Metadichol have been documented formalaria, acne, eczema, ganglion, lipoma, MRSA, wound healing, fungal infections, psoriasis, hair growth, wrinkles, kidney disease, regulates glucose, insulin resistance, Diabetes type 2, Cholesterol, improved lipid profiles, hypertension, kidney disease, heart disease, reduced protein oxidation or oxidative stress, TNF a – significant immune system function, and increases serum vitamin C.

Polilex for Lipoma Treatment

Patent: Metadichol® liquid and gel nanoparticle formulations (US 20140275285 A1)

Dr. Raghavan states on his linkedIn profile: “Our third patent (referring to Metadichol) published Sept 18th 2014 received notice of allowance on Oct 21 st 2014 and will appear as a full patent in Feb 2015

An image (Figure 8) from the Patent link above shows the complete disappearance of a Lipoma on a dog with Metadichol gel application within 30 days. (View high quality image source)

Metadichol for Lipoma in Dogs
FIG. 8 shows treatment of gel on a dog with lipoma that developed into a open skin tumor infection.



A quick Pubmed search did not return any results for “Metadichol” or “Polilex” so this is very new and scientific publication are probably being written and will emerge in 2015.

Just yesterday, I came across a great post title <New Nutraceutical, Metadichol® – Breathtaking Results!> on a blog called written by Mark Pegram – the author describes some amazing successes with Metadichol and says that this product has only been on the market since the last part of 2014 in Southeast Asia with some amazing reports of healing going on. And interestingly not a single side effect has been recorded to date.

The author tried the product on his dog and I quote:

“Also, the lipomas are shrinking on our 13 year old dog. We simply spray a couple of sprays on her food every day.”

A quote from the author was particularly interesting to me:

“It would be interesting if the Metadichol® is also renewing the health of our microbiome and homeostasis is reached in the body through this symbiotic relationship.”

You see, not only do I run Lipoma NET and try to help the Lipoma community get access to quality information and research about lipoma and its treatment options, I also run the Cystic Fibrosis community at and run the largest community for CF which was founded back in 1996. Metadichol sounds like it could have serious benefits to CF sufferers as their GI biomes are completely destroyed due to constant antibiotic therapy treatments which over time completely destroys the microbioms in the gastric track and cause so many problems.

So there you have it. My first post and encounter of the new nutraceutical Metadichol. I hope to update you on more about this new therapy candidate as the research emerges. Please comment below and let me know what you think! And of course if you have any questions. Also join my newsletter where I will bring all my most important publication in the one place.

I will leave you with this quote from  Dr. Stephen De Felice “One good nutraceutical can wipe out the drugs.”

To your Health!

– Chris

Rare Fat Disorders – Lipedema, Dercum’s, Madelung’s and Familial Multiple Lipomatosis

A great diagram depicting the relationship between Lipedema, Dercum’s, Madelung’s and Familial Multiple Lipomatosis (All Rare Fat Disorders). Note the common and characteristic symptom’s that are listed. A very useful diagram to study if you are a sufferer of rare fat diseases. As you can see Lipomas are right at the center and present in all 4 diseases groups. The source of this diagram can be found here.

(Click below image to enlarge)

Rare Fat Disorders