Fasting to Eliminate Lipoma

David talks about how he fasted for 28 days in order to treat his many lipomas. He discusses why he did this to try to eliminate his lipomas but also become healthier and more relaxed. He explains why he chose to fast, and what his experience was like. Contradictory to not eating, David did not feel hungry and felt “refreshed” and “cleansed”. David watched a documentary about “Fasting as a Cure” for disease and decided to try this for his lipomas. Interesting approach!

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Collagenase Histolyticum (XIAFLEX) trial in the Treatment of Lipoma (Recruiting)

Looking to get your lipoma’s removed for free?

Lipoma Clinical TrialA double-blind study to evaluate the efficacy of collagenase histolyticum (XIAFLEX) in the treatment of lipoma is currently undergoing recruitment in the Long Island New York and Nashville Tennessee areas. If you live in or around these areas it might be a good idea to look at the trial and see if you qualify.

The goal of this trial is to see whether collagenase histolyticum is an effective agent in reducing the surface area of subcutaneous benign lipomas. The primary outcome measure is to reduce the size of the visible surface area of the lipoma within 6 months of the collagenase injection. You will also be given a questionnaire to assess satisfaction with treatment for both collagenase and placebo injections into the lipoma.

The study is designed to satisfy FDA requirements for safety and efficacy of approved drug (XIAFLEX) in the treatment of lipoma (fatty tumors). Lipomas are made up of normal fatty tissue (adipose tissue) but unlike normal fat they are encapsulated with a “balloon-like” structure composed of collagen (fibrous tissue – Watch this video). XIAFLEX, which is a protein that breaks down collagen is thought to dissolve the balloon-like structure and in turn decreasing the size of the lipoma or removing it completely.

To qualify, you need to have at least two lipomas; one for the placebo and one for the drug. Both will be observed for changes throughout the trial. You need to also be between the ages of 18 and 75, healthy, can be any race, and either sex.  Probably the hardest criteria to satisfy is that your lipomas need to be at least 5cm squared (I do not think this equals the diameter, it means surface area), and each lipoma needs to be on distinctly different parts of the body (or on torso if 30cm apart).

There is also an extensive list of exclusion criteria which you should check out to see if you quality. You can find the trial details here. If you do end up participating, please let us know and come back and comment below!

Company behind the Trial: BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. is a biopharmaceutical company that has developed injectable collagenase for twelve clinical indications to date:

Lipoma Treatment

How to Treat a Lipoma?

Generally, the best preventative lipoma treatments are natural remedies, which involve adjustments in your diet, supplementation and lifestyle. However, if your lipoma grows to the point where it is causing you pain and discomfort or becomes a health or serious cosmetic concern, you may want to choose more aggressive forms of treatment under the advice of your caregiver. These treatment options may include any of the following:

  1. A steroid injection can be given into the lipoma to help it shrink in size.
  2. A liposuction procedure where your caregiver will use a needle to suck out the adipose tissue from your lipoma. A scope may also be used which contains a tiny camera to help the caregiver see and remove the fatty tissue from the lipoma. This is more often used for larger lipomas.
  3. A surgical procedure can be performed by a caregiver or surgeon, which will involve an incision in the skin while under anesthesia to numb the surgical site. The adipose tissue is removed and stitches are used to close the incision and a bandage is used to cover your wound. Surgical removal is often used on small lipomas.

Lipoma Natural RemediesNatural remedies are often a safe and desirable preventative treatment solution as lipomas are very slow growing and are usually not a health concern. By adjusting some elements in your diet and lifestyle, you can go a long way to treating your lipoma and preventing more lipomas from forming. There are a number of guides that have been written on the topic and are listed on our website. It will not hurt to read them and educate yourself on effective natural remedies for treating lipoma.

Other, more intrusive methods of treatment and removal can always be performed (at a cost) and it never hurts to pro-actively empower yourself with information that can be applied to your daily life with positive outcomes.

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I have a Lipoma. Now What?

So you think you may have a Lipoma? Now what?

  1. Do not panic!

Lipomas are harmless, non-cancerous and do not spread through the body. They are in most cases harmless to your health. A lipoma can be recognized by the fact that it can be moved around underneath the skin and is soft to the touch. It is nothing more then a lump of concentrated fatty tissue.

  1. Leave the lipoma alone!

Touching it will not help and only increase the chances of irritation and infection. So best to leave it alone.

  1. Consult with your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Due to lipomas not being any health concern, your doctor will probably suggest you leave it alone unless it is irritated, causing a blockage, or causing cosmetic concern.

  1. Watch the Lipoma closely.

A lipoma usually grows at a very slow rate. So you will not notice changes all of a sudden. What you do need to lookout for are any signs of infection to the area in and around the lipoma lump. Pay close attention to the direction of the growth. If it looks to be growing inwards and towards muscle or nervous tissue, there maybe reason to consult you doctor. Remember that a lipoma growth may not have any visual changes for many years.

  1. Consider Natural Lipoma Treatments and Remedies.

Lipoma herbsA medical expert will likely suggest a surgery if the lipoma is a health or cosmetic concern and needs to be removed. However, you should consider natural remedies before choosing for expensive, and potentially stressful surgeries as a few minor changes to your diet, lifestyle and dietary supplements can often be an effective remedy for treating and preventing lipoma lumps. Using certain foods, supplements, herbs and essential oil that may help the body to break down the fatty tissue storage in combination with an adjusted diet and lifestyle, may work wanders. Most people prefer natural remedies before choosing for expensive surgeries. You can visit our free guide page, which contains lots of information for you to get started with treating and preventing lipoma lumps.

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Acupuncture – A Remedy For Lipomas?

Lipomas are benign and fatty lumps that grow between your skin and the muscles in various parts of the body, mainly on the head, neck, back and shoulders. Lipomas can be surgically removed if they increase in size, cause pain or interfere with the movement of your muscles.

Nonetheless, acupuncture is another form of treatment that can help you get rid of lipomas or get relief for lipoma symptoms. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment, is harmless and causes no pain. Acupuncture practitioners claim that lipomas are caused by a stagnation in the body’s flow of qi, meaning “life force energy”. People with lipomas can suffer pain if lipomas are located near nerves or contain many blood vessels. Cosmetic and pain are also the most common reasons why people choose surgery.

On the other side, acupuncture works differently. It involves the insertion of fine needles into specific spots on your body along energy pathways known as meridians. According to the Longevity Center of Classical Chinese Medicine, acupuncture balances the flow of energy through your meridians when these are blocked. Additionally, it stimulates the release of endorphins, strengthens the immune system and helps balance qi.

Acupuncture for lipomas consists of inserting very fine needles around the fatty lump or by stimulating of the acupuncture point located along the spleen and liver meridians. Liver and spleen are two areas where energy is unbalanced and the congestion of it can result in lipomas on your skin or even various skin disorders. Additionally, you can experience fatigue, anxiety or depression. With the help of acupuncture, energy blockages are open and lipoma-related symptoms disappear.


Acupuncture can provide great benefits for people with lipomas, but it doesn’t work for everybody as each body is different. There is no scientific proof that acupuncture can reduce the symptoms or size of lipomas.

A lipoma may sometime resemble types of benign or malignant tumors, so the best thing you should do is to consult a doctor as soon as possible in case you develop any lump or swelling on your body.