Surgical Removal of a Subcutaneous Lipoma

This two minute video shows very clearly what is involved in the surgical removal of a subcutaneous lipoma. If you are considering lipoma removal by surgery for the first time, this is a nice video to get you mentally prepared and give you an idea as to what the procedure may look like.

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Fasting to Eliminate Lipoma

David talks about how he fasted for 28 days in order to treat his many lipomas. He discusses why he did this to try to eliminate his lipomas but also become healthier and more relaxed. He explains why he chose to fast, and what his experience was like. Contradictory to not eating, David did not feel hungry and felt “refreshed” and “cleansed”. David watched a documentary about “Fasting as a Cure” for disease and decided to try this for his lipomas. Interesting approach!

Difference between a Cyst and a Lipoma

It’s not uncommon that lipomas and cysts can be mixed up by an unexperienced physician. Especially if the diagnosis is made in haste. A cyst is filled with fluid and is inflamed whereas a lipoma consists of fat cells and is not inflamed. A cyst is also located very close to the surface of the skin and can be “popped” open (be careful to keep out of the way of the trajectory!). A lipoma can’t be popped and needs to be surgically removed by an experienced caregiver or specialist.

Here is a video showing a very large cyst. Not the most tasteful of video but an educational one never the less. Leave comments below!

Histopathology of a Soft Tissue Lipoma

For those of you that would like to get scientific about lipoma and look into exactly what a lipoma looks like under a microscope, here is a great video showing just what a lipoma looks like. A lipoma is basically a lump of fat (adipose tissue) that is encapsulated by a fibrous capsule. Due to the presence of this fibrous capsule, a lipoma can be referred to as a “fatty tumor” which for-fills the definition of a tumor which is: “A swelling of a part of the body, generally without inflammation, caused by an abnormal growth of tissue, whether benign or malignant.”

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