Lipoma on Neck – What you Should Know

Lipoma on Neck – What you Should Know

Neck lipoma
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One of the most common and concerning types of lipomas are ones located in the neck area. There are 2 major reasons for this:

  1. They can be a cosmetic concern (they are visible to everyone unless you cover your neck)
  2. They can grow and place pressure on vital structures in the neck (See figures)

If you suspect a lump on your neck, the first thing to do is consult your doctor. A lump can be any number of things including a malignant tumor (cancer) so its important to get an accurate diagnosis before taking any form of treatment. Once you have a diagnosis (and confirmed it via a second doctor to be sure) and it does turn out to be a lipoma, it will really depend on the size and location on the neck as to the appropriate course of action.

If the lipoma is small and a cosmetic concern, your doctor may suggest surgical removal. Although be aware that there are risks involved in surgical removal of lipomas. If the lipoma is larger a liposuction maybe advised. Ultimately, you caregiver will be able to make the best decision for you on the appropriate course of action and its important you consult with them. Just be aware that remove a lipoma for cosmetic reasons may not be covered by your insurer, so you way want to craft your case in a way that will allow insurance coverage.

Lipoma on Neck
Anatomy (Source:

Be also aware that lipomas can develop for any number of reasons and some of those are lifestyle, stress, diet, exercise etc. Its important that your read up on natural remedies that can be performed in order to treat and prevent lipoma. We can some posts on this website regarding this topic. Lipoma formation in some is very much due to environment (eg. the food we eat, the things we do) so being aware of factors that could bring on lipoma formation and factors that could suppress lipoma formation may help you a lot and avoid expensive and stressful (and potentially harmful) surgical procedures. Your doctor should be able to provide you with advice on this topic and if not, be vigilant and search the web for information.

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