Diet Can Cause Lipomas

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Lipomas are fatty and noncancerous tumors that develop gradually in your body’s fat cells. They are visible underneath the skin and sometimes, they are removed by liposuction and excision. In most cases, there’s no need for treatment.

It has been theorized that lipomas are caused also by diet and that obesity may determine lipomas increase in size. If you drink alcohol, you also increase the risk of developing multiple lipomas and also of becoming obese. Another factor that may increase your risk of developing a lipoma is blood sugar control problems, as well as a poor nutritionally diet.



Avoid food that contains preservatives and chemicals. Dairy products, red meat, fatty foods and drinks containing coffee should also be avoided because the body digests and eliminates them slower and with more difficulty.

A healthy diet that also helps prevent lipomas consists of:

  • fruits
  • whole grains
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • fish
  • nuts


Cedar extract is also a natural remedy that can treat lipomas. This extract should be taken orally and applied to the affected area each day. Other recommended herbs are chickweed and bio-algae, which are also useful.

Your body can accumulate fatty tissues because of chemicals. Thus, reducing or eliminating these chemicals and preservatives, the size of lipomas may decrease and the occurrence of new ones will be prevented.



If you exercise regularly, you can reduce the size of existing lipomas and prevent even others from forming. Moreover, your body is stimulated and all other systems are balanced. Moderate exercise boosts your immune system, which is also very useful when you’re trying to prevent such tumors from developing. In case you have a lipoma that increases in size or is painful, go to your doctor for a reliable and proper prognosis.

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