My Dog has a Lump Under the Skin – Is it a Lipoma?

Dog LipomaBe careful not to assume that a lump under the skin is automatically a lipoma. This is especially relevant with pet owners as there is a myth that lumps on dogs and cats are lipomas and are ok. This is not the case at all! A lump under the skin can be any number of things, one of them being a cancer tumor just waiting to spread through the body if not removed or treated. SO be vigilant when it comes to your pet, ask the right questions and make sure that you always get a reliable diagnosis for any lump under your pets skin.

A dog or cat can live their whole lives with a lipoma lump that does not grow or cause any health concerns. That is the good news if you pet is diagnosed with a lipoma. As long as the lipoma is not interfering with vital bodily functions like movement, organs, nerves, blood vessels …etc the lipoma is probably fine where it is and there is no need to put your pet through torturous surgical procedure that can be very stressful to your pet.  Be very careful on inexperienced dog groomers that do not understand the possible implications of a lump under the skin of your dog. They may tell you not to worry: “It’s a Lipoma!”. This is wishful thinking or unprofessional advice and maybe completely wrong. A lipoma cannot be conclusively diagnosed by sight and touch. A biopsy or scan is required to truly know what the mysterious lump is. There are many types of malignant tumors that can look harmless at first, but develop to be serious health concerns for your pet. Be vigilant and ask the right questions!

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