Essential Oils That Can Dissolve Lipomas

Lipomas can be a burden even if they’re not cancerous. They can be a problem from an aesthetic point of view. Fortunately, surgical procedures are not the only remedy. You can solve this problem with the help of four essential oils that can help to dissolve your lipoma. Some of the most effective Lipoma dissolve oils are listed below:

• Ginger essential oil
• Grapefruit essential oil
• Clove essential oil
• Frankincense essential oil


One of the most important things about these essential oils is that they have to be diluted before they are applied to the skin area above and around the lipoma. You can use coconut oil to dilute as directed on the back of the essential oils bottle. You just have to apply 1-2 drops on your affected skin area. For great results, you should also know that a proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes are also important. Thus, using essential oils is more a holistic remedy and compliments an already healthy diet and lifestyle. Lipoma is a condition that is most likely a result of emotional, spiritual, social, physical and environmental imbalances in the body, and alternative medicine is a wise choice for anyone wanting a holistic approach to health.


Essential oils help the body to dissolve lipomas. Additionally, such oils will also help you in many other ways:
• relax
• provide immune support
• offer mood enhancement
• pull out infection from tissues in the body
• antioxidants
• dietary use
• great effects on the lymphatic system
• helps the sympathetic nervous system

If you start to use these essential oils and be on a healthy, nutrient rich diet and proper exercise, you’ll be one step closer to preventing lipomas in a natural way. By doing this, your life will improve and you’ll feel better than ever. Not just for your lipomas but for your entire body.

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