For Some – Lipoma’s can Cause Extreme Discomfort and Health Concerns

Lipoma PainA lipoma is harmless until it starts to cause pain, touch or wrap around nerve cells, push or invade organ regions, start to smell (social discomfort), grow to a significant size that imposes on joint mobility … and probably a dozen other reasons.

Medical professionals to often push lipoma to the side as a harmless lump of fat that you can choose to remove surgically, or not. At a cost of course!

There have been cases where lipomas have wrapped around people’s spin causing partial paralysis.

Trauma is often attributed to local lipoma formation. For example, some people may develop lipomas on their knees if they kneel on the floor to long, and some people can develop a lipoma on their elbow by knocking it hard against something. So if you are pre-disposed to developing lipomas, you need to be careful not to cause trauma (shock) to your skin.

For those suffering from lipomas, they can be as troublesome if not more so than teenage acne. If lipomas could get the attention industry places on acne (for commercial pursuit) then we would likely have a cure for lipoma. Doctors too often push a lipoma to the side and tell you not to worry about it until it becomes a cosmetic concern.

Lipomas are much more than lumps of fat. They grow and disfigure and can cause extreme discomfort in many that have them.

Do you have a lipoma? Can you relate to this article? Share your thoughts below.

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