General Facts About Lipoma

Typical Lipoma
Typical Lipoma

A lipoma is a growth of contained fat cells that can appear under the skin. The fat is included in a fibrous capsule and in the majority of the cases it does not represent a danger to your health. Even so, many chose to remove lipomas for cosmetic reasons. Most lipomas appear on the arms, neck, armpits and on the torso, however, lipomas can appear anywhere on the body. They can even appear in a larger number at the same time in different areas of the body.

Lipomas are not cancerous. It is not exactly known what causes the appearance of lipomas. They do have a hereditary link, but they can also appear after minor injuries. Usually, they are very small. They grow slowly and usually take year to develop. It is quite simple to diagnose lipomas but it must be done by a qualified specialist who needs to make sure that growths are not cancerous. Once a lipoma is diagnosed, the appropriate course of treatment can be surgery, liposuction, steroid injection or do nothing. Some doctors will tell you to perform surgery while others advise to simple watch the lipoma closely and keep note of its size.

If a lipoma starts to grow it maybe time for concern as the growth of the lipoma can affect surrounding areas and place pressure on nerves, muscle tissue, organs, blood vessels which can lead to pain, discomfort or even serious health concerns. Natural remedies have also been suggested to have positive effect of the progress of lipomas. Since lipomas are very much influenced by environmental factors as it relates to our cells, the food we eat, drugs we take, exercise we do all can influence lipoma development. This means that a careful selection of foods and conscious lifestyle changes can influence the progress of lipomas. There have been a number of guides written on this topic which you can view here.

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