Giant Lipoma on Woman’s Back Resembles a Breast

An amazing story of a woman letting her lipoma grow to epic size over the course of 10 years. Giant lipomas are not very common in people as they are often removed surgically long before they reach giant proportions – primarily for cosmetic reasons but in some cases for health concerns.

Lipoma’s are generally harmless and made up of fatty tissue encased in a membrane that over time may grow in size and accumulate fatty tissue. Lipoma’s have been reported to have a genetic link as they tend to be inherited but can also be stimulated by imbalances in the body’s chemical makeup or even infection by some microorganisms. The exact reason why lipoma’s form is still an area of debate and much research still needs to be done in order to understand why these lumps of fatty tissue appear and sometimes grow to giant proportions.

This particular woman who remains anonymous was a heavy smoker and doctors suspect that there maybe a link between her giant lipoma and her heavy smoking habit. It is unclear why she let it grow to this size without seeing a doctor early to have it removed. The woman is currently awaiting surgery to have the giant lump removed according to a press release on

Here are some images of the giant lipoma that grew to epic proportions on a woman’s back to resemble a woman’s breast.

Giant Lipoma on Womans Back
Giant Lipoma on Womans Back Picture: Source: Supplied


Large Lipoma on Woman
Large Lipoma on Woman Picture: Source: Supplied


Giant Lipoma on Back
Giant Lipoma on Back Picture: Source: Supplied


MRI of Giant Lipoma on Back
MRI of Giant Lipoma on Back. Picture: Source: Supplied
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