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A lipoma is a type of fatty tissue that grows below the skin. Lipomas grow gradually, so it may take a couple of years for these fatty tumors to develop. In most cases, lipomas do not cause any complications or health problems, so they require no treatment. However, in rare situations, these masses of tissue have to be removed. In case you want to get rid of a lipoma without having to be submitted to a surgery, you should try some home remedies.


Below you can find some ideas on how to get rid of a lipoma that has formed beneath your skin.

Herbal treatments

Actually, there are two types of herbal treatments that are known to be able to reduce the size of a lipoma. Herbal treatments with chickweed are known to be quite efficient. If you have never heard about chickweed you should know that this is a herb that can be made into tea or used as an ointment. It can be applied directly on the area of your skin below which the lipoma has been formed.

Chickweed tea is simple to prepare, too. You need to put two tablespoons of chickweed into boiling water for about 15 minutes for the tea to be ready. The herb used to prepare your tea can easily be found in all kind of stores. The chickweed based cream is also simple to find, being quite popular in the treatment of a series of conditions, besides lipoma.

However, chickweed is not the only plant that can be used with the purpose to overcome lipoma. Thuja occidentalis may also be considered. This is a type of cedar that is commonly used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It is known to be extremely efficient when it comes to the treatment of warts, skin problems, as well as polyps. Thuja occidentalis can be used in the treatment of lipoma in a mixture of five drops of the plant extract and water. The mixture should be rub on the lipoma about three times a day.



Diet can also be extremely important when referring to lipoma treatment. As already mentioned, lipomas are masses of fat. Reducing the overall fat content of your body may decrease the mass of these tumors. The best thing to do would be removing most of the saturated fat from your diet. You should be eating only lean meats. Avoid high-fat dairy products, as well.

Trying herbal treatments that are known to be able to boost the metabolism may also be a good idea. Green tea is recommended both when it comes to increasing the health of the immune system and burning fat.


Improve your immune system as well and you will be able to eliminate toxins and stay healthy. Herbal treatments combined with other home remedies are your best chance if you want to get rid of lipoma without surgery.

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