I have a Lipoma. Now What?

So you think you may have a Lipoma? Now what?

  1. Do not panic!

Lipomas are harmless, non-cancerous and do not spread through the body. They are in most cases harmless to your health. A lipoma can be recognized by the fact that it can be moved around underneath the skin and is soft to the touch. It is nothing more then a lump of concentrated fatty tissue.

  1. Leave the lipoma alone!

Touching it will not help and only increase the chances of irritation and infection. So best to leave it alone.

  1. Consult with your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Due to lipomas not being any health concern, your doctor will probably suggest you leave it alone unless it is irritated, causing a blockage, or causing cosmetic concern.

  1. Watch the Lipoma closely.

A lipoma usually grows at a very slow rate. So you will not notice changes all of a sudden. What you do need to lookout for are any signs of infection to the area in and around the lipoma lump. Pay close attention to the direction of the growth. If it looks to be growing inwards and towards muscle or nervous tissue, there maybe reason to consult you doctor. Remember that a lipoma growth may not have any visual changes for many years.

  1. Consider Natural Lipoma Treatments and Remedies.

Lipoma herbsA medical expert will likely suggest a surgery if the lipoma is a health or cosmetic concern and needs to be removed. However, you should consider natural remedies before choosing for expensive, and potentially stressful surgeries as a few minor changes to your diet, lifestyle and dietary supplements can often be an effective remedy for treating and preventing lipoma lumps. Using certain foods, supplements, herbs and essential oil that may help the body to break down the fatty tissue storage in combination with an adjusted diet and lifestyle, may work wanders. Most people prefer natural remedies before choosing for expensive surgeries. You can visit our free guide page, which contains lots of information for you to get started with treating and preventing lipoma lumps.

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