Intramuscular Lipoma – What you Should Know

Intramuscular Lipoma are Frequently Confused with Sarcomas.

Intramuscular LipomaIntramuscular lipoma is a very rare form of lipoma occurring in about 1% of all reported lipoma cases (reference) . However, it can be one of the most painful lipomas to have as it infiltrates and grows in the muscle tissue. Due to its tendency to conceal itself deep in muscle tissue, it is hard to properly diagnose and even more difficult to differentiate from other tumors like a sarcoma – which is a life threatening malignant cancer (Differences explained here). It is very important that if intramuscular lipoma is suspected, that a frozen biopsy is performed for analysis. A recent study that retrospectively analyzed intramuscular lipoma cases, explain that a radiological test is not sufficient to differentiate the lipoma from a sarcoma (reference).

It is also important to note that intramuscular lipomas have a very high recurrence rate, meaning they can reappear after surgery. This recurrence rate can be as high as 80%. Due to their ability to cause pain and discomfort in the adjacent muscle tissue, intramuscular lipomas are one of the more undesirable lipomas to have growing in your body.

It is not clear why these types of intramuscular lipomas develop but there are many theories to their appearance which include metaplasia, trauma, chronic irritation, and congenital development. If you happened on this webpage looking for detailed information about intramuscular lipomas, I suggest you go over to PubMed and read this free full-version review on the topic: Treatment for Intramuscular Lipoma Frequently Confused with Sarcoma: A 6-Year Restrospective Study and Literature Review 

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