Lipoma Herbal Treatment

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A lipoma is a benign tumor which designates a fatty growth under the skin, composed of adipose tissue. The lipoma is actually the most common type of soft tissue tumor. Do not get frightened by the word tumor, because a lipoma is completely benign, meaning that it is not cancerous. Although lipomas are more common in adults age 40 to 60, the truth is that anyone can develop a lipoma, including children. The causes of a lipoma are not certain yet, even though researchers believe that this tumor can either be hereditary or triggered by minor injuries.

Lipoma treatment is usually not necessary, since this tumor usually goes away on its own. Removing the lipoma by means on surgery is usually recommended when the tumor becomes large, bothersome or painful. If this is not your case, but you still want to get rid of the lipoma, then you might also resort to herbal treatment. Alternative medicine has proved to be extremely efficient in treating numerous conditions. A lipoma can also be treated with herbal remedies. Chickweed can be very helpful in treating a lipoma, since it can eliminate the discomfort and shrink the tumor’s size. You can either take a teaspoon of chickweed tincture three times a day or use a chickweed ointment which you must rub on the affected area once a day.

Besides chickweed, bitters can also work wonders with a lipoma. This is because bitter herbs and foods such as wormwood, southernwood, golden seal, centaury, olives, citrus peel, dandelion greens, yarrow, gential, rue or unsweetened chocolate have the power of increasing the body’s ability to digest fats – which is what a lipoma consists of. If you include bitter herbs and foods like the aforementioned ones in your diet, chances are that you will get rid of the lipoma.

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Lemon juice and cedar are also considered to be effective herbal remedies against a lipoma. If you add lemon juice to the water that you drink, the toxins in your body will be eliminated, the digestive system strengthened and the liver purified. Not only will lemon juice treat the lipoma, but it will also prevent new ones from forming. Applying a cedar ointment on the affected area three times a day might also work.

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