Lipoma Or Cancer

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The term lipoma refers to a fatty tissue that grows under skin. A lipoma is not painful and is easy to feel it using your fingers. Anyone can have a lipoma, even kids, but middle-ages people have more chances to develop a lipoma. Its causes are not very well known, but it seems that heredity, excessive fat and hormonal problems may be some of the factors. There is no treatment for lipoma. In case its size grows, then surgical intervention will be used. A lipoma may cure by itself, without any treatment and usually is not dangerous.

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There are theories tough saying that a lipoma can turn cancerous and in this case, it has to be removed. Lipoma is dangerous if it becomes painful, skin color changes or the fatty tissue grows too much. However, if your lipoma is not big and you experience no pain, the best thing that you do is to go regularly at the doctor for regular check-ups. This way, you will make sure no changes took place, so you will be safe. It is the best method to stay calm and have everything under control. Many people do not go to the doctor in time, while some of them, may discover that their health has been affected.

If your kid has a growth that looks like a lipoma, go to the doctor too discover what it is. If you had that or your parents, there are increased chances that the kid inherited it, so he is not in danger. Do not make assumptions, going to the doctor is the best thing that you can do. He will examine you or your kid and will answer your questions. If you are not sure, you can consult several doctors. If they have the same opinion, then everything is alright. Biopsy is one of the methods used for discovering if the fatty growth is cancerous or not. This medical procedure is invasive, but it will give you the right answer in case the doctors suspect that it may be cancer.

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