Lipoma Removal by Surgery or Liposuction

A very informative video by Dr. Darrick Antell, MD, explaining how to remove a lipoma. Depending on their size and location on the body, a lipoma can be removed via surgical procedure or liposuction. Typically, a small lipoma is removed via surgery and a large lipoma via liposuction. Lipoma removal by Liposuction has both advantages and disadvantages. While it allows for a very small needle size incision and avoids the scaring that a typical surgical cut may produce; with liposuction, part of the lipoma can be missed and left behind, causing it to grow back.

Dr Antell describes a lipoma as a firm little rubbery area under the skin typically the size of a grape, which you can role around under the skin. Lipomas can grow and become painful over time by putting pressure on nerves and adjacent structures. Most people come in with 1-3 lipomas but some can have over 100! This is not just a health concern, but a significant cosmetic concern.

Lipoma removal by surgery requires local anaesthetic and a small incision where the lipoma is located and the lipoma is “squeezed” out like delivering a baby describes Dr. Antell. As for Liposuction, a needle is inserted into the lipoma and the fatty cells are simply sucked out. With liposuction, the lipoma sufferer can usually go home directly after. With surgery, a short followup period maybe required depending on the surgery performed.

Dr Antell does have great reviews and has been quoted to care very much about his patients and their wellbeing, with persistent followup sessions to make sure they are recovering adequately. You can visit Dr Antell’s website (this was not a promotional post. I do not know Dr Antell, just enjoyed his informative video)

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