Lipoma and Self Esteem

Lipoma and Self Esteem

Lipoma on FaceDo you have a lipoma on a highly visible part of your body that is hard to conceal in day-to-day life? Is this lipoma affecting your self-esteem and causing you to act in ways you would prefer not to act? Is it having an effect on your performance at work, at home or maybe even in a new relationship you cherish very much?

Well, let me tell you that you are not alone! Millions of people around the world feel what you are feeling to some degree. Some are unfortunate and have a lipoma on their face or neck, which is highly noticeable. Some are more lucky and their lipoma maybe on their back or abdomen, but this causes behavioral issues when at the beach or in a swimsuit.

Unsightly lipomas on your face can have a huge impact on someones self esteem. If this is the case for you, you need to talk to your doctor and ask for the best remedy available to you that is going to help you rid yourself of that lipoma. You can for example opt for treatment methods that minimize the chance of any scaring, like a steroid injection, liposuction or even surgery by a very experienced surgeon. Modern medicine does have many options when it comes to lipoma removal, especially if it’s the odd one lipoma on your body. If you suffer from many lipomas, the situation maybe much more complex.

Someone with multiple lipomas has a pre-disposition to developing lipomas and removing them can sometime be futile as they either grow back or form somewhere else. For these unlucky lipoma predisposed people, natural holistic remedies could be worth a try. There are many accounts of people showing the positive effects of natural remedies against lipomas. Chinese medicine or alternative medicine takes a much more holistic approach to treating health and many believe that lipomas are formed because of imbalances in the body. These imbalances cause organs like the liver and kidneys, that are very important in detoxifying the body, to not do their job properly and as a result, lipomas form in areas under the skin or even internally close to vital organs.

If this imbalance in not addressed (the cause of the lipoma) and only the symptoms are treated (removing the lipoma by surgery for example) then you are not addressing the cause but only treating the symptoms. This can result in more lipomas forming or removed lipomas growing back in the same area.

I recently wrote a review to a very well written guide on holistic natural treatments for lipoma which you can read here.

So to sum it up, you do have choices and consulting your doctor is a wise first step to becoming lipoma free (at least in those visually important places on your body). I hope this post will help you in taking action to get your lipoma treated. Let us all know how it goes with any comments below!

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