Mobile App for Lipoma Diagnosis

New Mobile App for Lipoma Diagnosis

Mobile app for lipomaA mobile phone application may soon be available, which you can install on your smart phone and use to diagnose a lipoma or other skin disorders and cancers. It is being developed by Students at the School of Medical Science and Technology at IIT Kharagpur in India and is expected to help physicians and clinicians diagnose skin conditions and lumps in remote areas. It is especially useful in countries like India and Africa for example.

The application ‘ClipOCam-Derma’, can be installed on any smart phone, and is led by research scholar Debdoot Sheet. The mobile app, is expected to launch to market after regulatory approval. In addition to the application, the technology also comes with a clip-on device which illuminates the patient’s skin using a colourful flash and take many photos which then are automatically uploaded to the cloud for analysis by experts. Once processed, an accurate (99% accuracy is claimed) can be given.

The app have the ability to screen skin disorders like cancers, psoriasis, scaling, keratinisation, melanoma, inflammation, ulcers, lipoma, healing and non-healing wounds, and heavy-metal induced dysplasia, all of which may or may not be evidently visible on the surface.

The inventors hope to sell the app in time to hospitals and health service providers starting in India. Its application is international, especially for countries like Africa.

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