When To Have A Lipoma Excision

While they are in the shower or simply by accident, many people discover that they have a little or a bigger bump that is soft and at that point they panic and think of horrible things, as cancer. Before going to the doctor, do not panic, it can be a lipoma. Lipoma is a benign tumor that can appear anywhere on you body, so you do not have to worry so much or to be afraid of it. The causes of lipoma are not very well determined and there are several theories, but a sure answer it does not exist.

Lipoma does not hurt at all and it can appear at any age. They are small and they are hard to find on your body due to this cause. Lipoma can appear even at kids, but it is good, for your calm, to go to the doctor and see what it is. Some lipoma disappear with time, but they can last all of your life. Lipoma is a not a malign tumor, but it can turn out so, but this happens in very rare cases and only in circumstance that advantage the development and appearance of cancer.

There are debates if the excision of lipoma is recommended or not. As said before, here are also opinions that differ. Generally, no surgical intervention will not happen if there are not made tests that will see what is there and if the lipoma is a cancer or not. More, if the lipoma hurts or has a big size, then you surgical intervention is needed for the excision of lipoma. After this process, the patient has to be monitored regularly to see if there appear different problems. The cause of the lipoma is said to be hereditary or the accumulation of grease on some parts of the body, so it is important to tell to your doctor the diseases of your family regarding their health, maybe there are some connections, so the doctor will have a better image of your problem. Other possibility is to ask several doctors and see if their opinions coincide and the final decision will be yours, but remember that in general the excision of lipoma is not done as lipoma is benign and there are poor chances to develop into a malign one.

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What To Do If You Have Lipoma

Lipoma are very frequently at people from different ages, so anyone of us can hypothetically suffer from lipoma. What is lipoma, anyway? It is very used, but many of us do not know what really means. Lipoma is a bening tumor consisting of adipose tissue which is spft and can be moved. Lipoma’s causes are not known yet, but genetically causes are a possibility. Anyone, even a child can have a lipoma and it can be discovered accidentally.

Lipoma is though more common at people between 40-60. Other possible causes of lipoma are scratches, a fall or any other types of injuries.Usually, a lipoma it is not surgically removed, but if it beginns to hurt, then such kind of intervention may be applied. Generally, having a lipoma, there is no reason of concern. Lipoma is bening, but there are theories saying that even the lipoma can transform to malign, so it can become dangerous for your life. Neither a treatment is needed for treating lipoma. If it requires surgical removal, the anestehsia will be local, but if it is large, then a general anesthesia is recommended. Lipoma size variate from one to six centimetres and it can appear in any place on your body. If your lipoma is removed, the doctor should take some samples to see if it is malign or benign, so in this case the doctor will know what to do.

It is impossible to prevent lipoma, but it is important to pay attention to it because it can be liposarcoma. Lipoam is generally removed from a cosmetic point of view, not because it could endanger the health. Lipma can also be reated with steriods that neutralize teh fat ans so the lipoma should dissapear. Going from time to time to a doctor and analyzing your body will help you to discover if there are some problems with your body.

What is lipoma and how affects your health

Lipoma is not something to worry about, being a benign tumor that is made from adipose tissue. Lipoma is the most common form of soft tissue tumors. The size ranges from under one centimeter up to six centimetres. They are painless, movable and the age they appear at is usually between 40 to 60, but regarding this aspect, there is no rule, so they can appear at any age. There are two oposed opinions about lipoma: some say that is inoffensive, while others sustain that can transform in a malign form.

Lipoma has multiple subtypes. Generally, lipomas do not need treatment or removal. The most common reason why lipomas are removed is from a cosmetic point of view or, on the other hand, the fear that may turn into something malign, endangering one’s health. Also, a non-surgical method to remove lipoma is by using steroids. In the course of time, the steroids will destroy the lipoma. In this way, you will need no anesthesia, there will be no complicatons and the period of time is shorter than you think.

For surgical methods, the doctor will remove your lipoma under local anesthesia, but in the case of a bigger lipoma, you may need a general anesthesia. Whenevr you find a lipoma, do not be afraid, do not panic, it is something that 1% of the population has. However, if your lipoma is larger, it is recommended for you to go to a specialist who will remove it all or a part from it in order to analize it. In this way, he will tell you if it is liposarcoma which is a danger for your health. Be cautious instead of having to suffer from a hard disease that will affect your life completely. The cause of lipoma it is not known for sure. It is believed that heredity might be one of the cause. Also, a fall or any other kind of injury as something heavy that hit you, can be the cause of a lipoma.

Lipoma – cause and treatment

Lipomas are almost exclusively benign fatty tumors that are soft to the touch and can be easily moved under the skin. Lipomas are very common and approximately one percent of the population is said to have a lipoma somewhere on their body. They’re usually quite small and painless, so many people also may not even be aware that they have a lipoma. Of course with any growths, one always considers the possibility of cancer. Generally lipomas are not thought to have the ability to turn malignant or do any damage like a cancer would do.

No one really knows what causes a lipoma to form, however, it is thought to have a hereditary link. One hereditary disease that is known to cause lipomas is familial multiple lipomatosis, which increases the risk for developing lipomas. Lipomatosis is where 100’s of small lipoma’s develop all over the body. Small injuries and traumas, such as a sudden fall or bump or having something heavy dropped on an area of the skin, can result in the formation of a lipoma.

In most cases lipomas are harmless and therefore don’t usually need any special treatment but in the case that it obstructs movement or causes pain it should be treated or removed. In this case, usually a small surgical incision can remove the growth. The problem with removing lipomas surgically is that surgery is expensive, leaves scars and the lumps have the tendency to redevelop after a while. There are alternative ways to treat lipoma and one of them is using natural remedies. There is a natural remedy lipoma guides that will teach you how to do it. Here is a quick look at what you will learn from these guides:

  • Learn the exact reasons behind why your body is developing lipoma lumps.
  • Learn the exact plants and dosage you need to take in order to prevent any new lipoma lumps from forming in your body.
  • Learn the exact recipes for curing your existing lipoma lumps.
  • Learn about exercise and its relation to lipoma and also how to perform these simple exercises each day such that your existing lumps shrink as well as prevent any new lumps from forming.
  • Learn about other natural treatments being used to treat lipoma and learn the ups and downs of these.

You will also learn how your diet can cause the formation of the lumps in your body and how you can tweak your daily diet in such a manner that not only prevents the appearance but also shrinks your existing lipoma lumps.

Here is another sneak peak on what you will learn:

  • Learn about calories, proteins, carbs and fats and what is their role in causing as well as curing lipoma.
  • Learn exactly what foods are perfect for helping you with your condition.
  • Learn exactly what foods are to be avoided when treating lipoma.
  • Learn about protein supplements and why are they bad when treating and preventing lipoma from appearing.
  • Learn about taking the right supplements that you can use if you wish to speed up the curing process.

These are just a few things that you can learn and can help you get rid of all the extra costs and extra headaches that can come with conventional treatments.

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