Lipoma Symptoms

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A lipoma is made from adipose tissue and is a benign tumor, although there are scientists that claim the contrary. A lipoma can be compared with a capsule filled with fat tissues that can emerge almost anywhere in the body. It can be found more often on the armpits, on the neck, on arms and on torso. A lipoma can emerge at any age, so even kids can have it. In most cases, lipoma is discovered accidentally by a doctor during physical examination or at home when people dress or when they are in shower. A lipoma can be easily recognized by its small size, is mobile and it has a soft consistency. Other features that a lipoma has are its small size that stays unchanged over the years or grows extremely slowly, so there will not be a huge difference between the sizes, even if it grows.

There are many subtypes of lipoma and only a doctor and special blood tests will tell you what type you have, if it is for real a lipoma. If you have a lipoma, you do not have to be scared and to think about horrible things, because it is inoffensive. It can be surgically removed, but this is not the only solution. As it does not hurt you, then everything is alright. If you have doubts that is not a lipoma, but it could be a malign tumor, then consult a doctor, have all the necessary medical tests, so you can stay calm.

In case you have a lipoma,  you can be operated on and remove it, but usually, there are no sure treatments for getting rid of a lipoma as not even the real causes are not very well known by the doctors and scientists. They assume is hereditary or is caused by hormonal unbalances. If you develop other type of symptoms as pain, increasing size of it, draining or is bothering you, then go to the doctor as it could mean something else. There are doctors who believe that a lipoma can turn into a malign tumor and then into cancer, but it has not been proven yet.

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Lipoma Causes Are Still Controversial

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A lipoma it is a bump of fat that grows under your skin or in your tissues and its cause it is not yet sure. There are theories claiming that lipoma it is caused by hormonal disorders, by obesity or it is hereditary. A lipoma it is usually discovered by accident at the doctor or at shower. This happens because it does not disturb us at all, it does not hurt and it is not a danger for our health. There are specialists who say that a lipoma can turn into a malign one, causing cancer. Usually, the middle-aged have a lipoma, but it si not a rule as even kids can have middle-aged, so it can emerge at any age.

If we have a lipoma we have to see if it really is a lipoma. It can be something else, for example a dangerous thing for our health. Only a doctor and few medical tests will tell us it it is lipoma for real. If it is lipoma, do not be scared as it is inoffensive and sometimes disappears of itself. The most extreme procedure of getting rid of lipoma it is surgery, but there are few people who want to have it as it si risky and we never know if the lipoma will emerge again or not. However, the incision it is not invasive, so you will be safe. 

It is strange that we discovered more difficult and interesting diseases and other remedies for the, but we still do not know which is the lipoma cause.If you suffer from it, you do not have to be operated on to get rid of it. You can have a lipoma all your life without affecting your life and health, so you can stay calm about, it is not a tragedy! Let us hope that doctors will discover the remedy and the explanation of the lipoma, which it is said to be inoffensive, but other say it is the opposite, so which it is the truth? Would be better to consult several doctors and then make the decision if you will be operated on and have the lipoma removed or you will let it like that?

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Why Lipoma Is Formed

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A lipoma is a common soft tissue tumor that can be formed by all individuals, no matter the moment. Why do people form lipoma is a question which does not have a simple answer. In fact, specialists have not been able to establish a cause of lipoma development and it is not yet certain which are the main risk factors that can determine the disorder. A lipoma is a fatty lump or tumor and it grows under the skin.

Well, although the causes of lipoma forming are yet unknown, there still are some situations in which patients are more likely to form the condition. The history of the patient’s family is one of them. So, if there are cases of lipoma development in your family, the chances for you to form it as well are increased. So, from this point of view, a lipoma can be considered an hereditary condition. A minor injury may trigger the growth, and so it can also be an influential factor when it comes to the forming of lipomas. However, lipoma forming is not known to have serious consequences on a patient’s heath. In fact, most patients live with the lump formed for many years until noticing a change and being diagnosed. On the other hand, a lipoma is hard to trace, as it is not painful. Treatment is not necessary required to remove lipomas, but a surgical intervention can be recommended in the cases in which the tumor is painful. When no pain is experienced by a patient, doctors are most likely going to recommend no intervention.

However, if your doctor’s recommends a lipoma removal, you should not worry about such a surgery, as it is very easy to perform and involves no risks. The risk factors associated with the forming of lipomas include the age of the individuals, as such tumors are most likely to be formed between the ages of 40 and 60, and also the forming of other conditions, such as adiposis delorosa or Gardner and Cowden syndromes. Although many people seem to believe that when being overweight the chances that patients have to form such a condition are very much increased, specialists consider that obesity does not cause lipomas.

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Is Lipoma Removal Efficient

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Although lipoma is considered to be a non-cancerous tumor, many people seem to want to undergo surgical interventions to remove it. Well, lipoma, in most cases, supposes no pain and no symptoms, so people can actually live many years without even knowing that they have formed the disorder. And lipomas do not evolve to create cancerous tumors, so, they are not considered by specialists to be a threat for the life or the health of a patient. Well, this is the main reason why doctors usually do not recommend the removal of lipomas.

So, specialists consider that a lipoma does not need treatment, unless it bothers the patient. A large lipoma may, however, be painful and this means that it will require a medical intervention with the purpose to have it removed, only due to its big size. Well, if you need to be submitted to such a treatment, you should know that lipoma removal is not a complicated or painful procedure. Lipoma removal is done under local anesthesia and requires only a very small, local incision. The procedure can take as few as five minutes and it usually is made by a plastic surgeon. When the lipoma is larger, the procedure can last more. However, the chances for complications to be formed due to a lipoma removal intervention are very low. There are no common treatments that can be recommended for lipoma development, so the only option is surgery, and, of course, to leave the lump alone.

There are two common situations in which doctors can recommend lipoma removal. The most obvious one is the situation in which patients experience pain. When lipomas are larger, specialists can also advise a patient to undergo surgery for removal because of the big size. A lipoma can also be removed due to unaesthetic reasons. However, the surgery for lipoma removal is not a complicated or risky procedure. And after a patient has been submitted to lipoma removal, he can be quite sure that all the mass has been removed and it will not be formed back. A lipoma is after all, a ball of fat, regardless of its dimensions.

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Early Symptoms Of Lipoma

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Lipoma is a non cancerous tumor, that in most cases does not cause any symptoms. A lipoma grows very slowly and it can take up to several years until noticing the development of the form of fatty tissue under the skin, and this happens mostly because lipomas are not painful. All individuals can develop a lipoma, no matter their ages and, in some cases, people can form up to 20 lipomas and even more. However, more commonly, one or two lipomas are formed. Patients can find out that a lipoma has been formed when it presses on other structures and stars creating problems, such as pain.

Most of the times, no special tests have to be performed by doctors for lipomas to be diagnosed. A lipoma is always a benign tumors and so it is not a cause of cancer related conditions. In fact, there is no medical evidence to show that a lipoma grows the risk of developing cancer. Actually, a lipoma does not necessary require treatment. Specialists recommend to not opt for any type of medical interventions if the lipoma is not painful and if it does not bother you. However, depending on the location on which a lipoma is formed, there are great chances for it to have to be removed. For example, if lipomas are formed on the face, they are removed due to cosmetic reasons. The intervention for lipoma removal is not complicated at all and it usually supposes a simple operation.

So, when it comes to the early signs of lipomas, you should know that the tissue can grow for many years until being noticeable. The early signs of lipoma development include the forming of a lump or swelling. A doctor will be able to offer you the right diagnosis immediately after seeing the tissue formed. More often, lipomas are formed by people aged between 40 and 60. They are rare in children. Lipomas are not life threatening and they usually do not lead to serious conditions. If a lipoma requires removal or not is something that a doctor will have to decide for each particular case.

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Do Not Panic If You Have Lipoma

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Lipoma is a tumor made from fat tissues under our skin. Sometimes, a lipoma cannot be observed for many years until we see it accidentally. A lipoma may have different sizes and we have to know that is a benign tumor. Lipoma, although is a very simple thing, is very controversial regarding its causes. There are  hereditary causes or hormonal ones, but these are only theories as we still do not know for sure what is all about.

More, there are theories which say that a lipoma may transform into a malign tumor and can cause cancer. Lipoma may appear even at kids, so it cannot be predicted at what age will appear for sure. The majority of us has a lipoma or had one and most of them have discovered it by accident. Usually, a lipoma does not cause you pain and its size remains almost the same within years.If you have pains or its size grows, then consult a doctor. Or, if you have people in your family that have suffered from cancer, then it is important to ask your doctor to help you with special tests. A possible treatment for a lipoma is surgery, as well as other treatment or it will stay like this all your life. Natural cures are also a possibility that many people use and some of them have been satisfied with the results.

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Lipoma removal is also a controversial subject, as some say that should not be removed and on the other hand, the possibility of transforming into cancer, is the main argument for the doctors that sustain lipoma removal by surgery. Liposuction is another possibility for getting rid of lipoma. If you have a lipoma, do not panic, many other people have it, but you have to consult a doctor to stay calm that everything is alright. It is recommended to see many doctors and hear their opinion about your lipoma removal. Finally, it is your choice what treatment you will follow. Keep in mind that usually, no surgical intervention is required, but things are different from one patient to another.

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What Causes a Lipoma

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Lipomas are benign tumors, which are mostly developed under the skin, in the subcutaneous tissue, somewhere between the skin and the muscles. A lipoma is made out of fat cells, composed of adipose tissue, and it is usually soft to the touch. It looks like a lump and it can easily move around under the skin, but it does not usually cause any pain or discomfort to the people who have it. There are several types of lipomas, but none of them represent a threat to your life.

There are many debates going on about the causes of the lipomas. Although the reason why some people develop these tumors is still unknown, there are some risk factors which are bound to influence their appearance. One of the main causes is the family history of lipomas. If one of your parents or siblings has developed a lipoma, you are more likely to develop it too, due to the genetics. Moreover, if you develop more than one lipoma, there is the possibility that you have inherited a rare condition, called familial multiple lipomatosis. Then, lipomas may occur after you have suffered tissue injuries or traumas. Another possible cause is the Dercum disease, which also leads to the development of multiple lipomas. However, these lipomas tend to be very painful and they can lead to other severe problems, like mental and neurological diseases.

Scientists have reached the conclusion that a rare inherited condition called the Gardner syndrome causes lipomas to appear, too. The age is also considered a major cause in the development of lipomas, as the middle-aged and the elderly persons are more at risk to have them. However, children may develop lipomas too, so the age is not necessarily a major cause. No matter its causes, you should always remember that a lipoma is always noncancerous, but it is better to have it removed, because it will slowly but constantly grow, year by year. The removal procedures are not painful, nor complicated, so talk to your doctor as soon as you notice a lump under your skin and you will have it removed in no time.

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Lipoma Treatment May Include Removal

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Not in all cases lipoma treatment is required, as the tumor is not canceorus. Actually, there are many cases in which a treatment for lipoma is not necessary. Still, the treatment becomes a must when the tumor grows and becomes painful for the individual who has formed it. Well, there surely are cases in which doctors recommend lipoma removal, although it is not a very common decision.

Lipoma removal is quite a simple medical procedure. In most cases, a simple excision is needed for the lipoma to be removed. A complete anesthesia is not required when doctors perform interventions for lipoma removal. This means that, in most cases, a local anesthetic will be enough. The whole intervention for lipoma removal will not take more than 30 minutes, at least in the cases in which complications are not formed. Lipoma removal is the best treatment in most cases of patients forming such a tumor. And the surgery for lipoma removal will also mean the cure of the disease. Still, there are situations in which complications can be formed and also some in which the lipoma tumors are formed back after the removal. This means that lipoma can recur.

Lipoma removal can also be made in cases that require liposuction interventions. Well, liposuction with the purpose to remove lipoma can be made only when the tumor is very small. In such cases, liposuction can actually be very effective, also being a procedure easier to perform. Still, there are some risks you need to be aware of when it comes to lipoma removal with liposuction. If the tumor is larger, the intervention will not be enough to remove the entire tumor and that can have some negative results, as the tumor will most likely grow back and another medical intervention will be needed. A doctor can establish which intervention will be the most effective one for each patient and each case, after performing some tests. Lipomas are not life threatening and this is way not all patients want to have them removed. The procedure of lipoma removal can also be performed by a plastic surgeon.

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About The Lipoma

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A lipoma is a benign tumor located under your skin. It is made out of cells that produce body fat, which accumulates and forms either small clusters, or small elastic balls. The size of a lipoma varies from a few millimeters to 10 centimeters. They can appear all over the body, but they can by detected more easy on the elbows , arms or thighs.

They are benign, so they are not dangerous or life threatening. You should not worry, if you go to the hospital you will see that they do not have urgent character. Doctors do not usually extirpate them, except is cases when the patient is disturbed by the lipoma and is causes him physical discomfort. These are, however, aesthetic reasons,, but in some rare cases, when the lipoma is situated on a nerve’s track, compressing it, the patients complain of severe pains.

There are two ways to remove a lipoma: by extirpation or by liposuction. After the anesthetic does his job, a small incision in the skin is made. Then, just by pressure or with the help of a clamp, the lipoma is removed. The area is then palpated to check if the whole lipoma was removed. If not completely removed, there is the possibility that the lipoma will reappear. Even if the size of the lipoma is big, the incision will leave minimal scars.

Regarding liposuction, a mixture of local anesthetic and serum is injected straight into the lipoma, to dissociate it so that the extraction will be easier. A slight incision is made, through which the lipoma is suctioned by a cannula. This technique lives a barely noticeable scar, however it does not allow the examination of the residues.

Do not forget that the lipoma is always benign and that it does not endanger your life, no matter it’s size.

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When To Have A Lipoma Excision

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While they are in the shower or simply by accident, many people discover that they have a little or a bigger bump that is soft and at that point they panic and think of horrible things, as cancer. Before going to the doctor, do not panic, it can be a lipoma. Lipoma is a benign tumor that can appear anywhere on you body, so you do not have to worry so much or to be afraid of it. The causes of lipoma are not very well determined and there are several theories, but a sure answer it does not exist.

Lipoma does not hurt at all and it can appear at any age. They are small and they are hard to find on your body due to this cause. Lipoma can appear even at kids, but it is good, for your calm, to go to the doctor and see what it is. Some lipoma disappear with time, but they can last all of your life. Lipoma is a not a malign tumor, but it can turn out so, but this happens in very rare cases and only in circumstance that advantage the development and appearance of cancer.

There are debates if the excision of lipoma is recommended or not. As said before, here are also opinions that differ. Generally, no surgical intervention will not happen if there are not made tests that will see what is there and if the lipoma is a cancer or not. More, if the lipoma hurts or has a big size, then you surgical intervention is needed for the excision of lipoma. After this process, the patient has to be monitored regularly to see if there appear different problems. The cause of the lipoma is said to be hereditary or the accumulation of grease on some parts of the body, so it is important to tell to your doctor the diseases of your family regarding their health, maybe there are some connections, so the doctor will have a better image of your problem. Other possibility is to ask several doctors and see if their opinions coincide and the final decision will be yours, but remember that in general the excision of lipoma is not done as lipoma is benign and there are poor chances to develop into a malign one.

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