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Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.01.28 AMLipoma is a condition that usually occurs in individuals of all ages. However, patients diagnosed with this disease should not worry that much. Lipoma is a condition that commonly does not require treatment. It is not a life threatening disease and it commonly consists of small lumps formed below the skin. Still, it is important to know that there can be cases in which a lipoma requires medical intervention.

In case you are going to see a doctor for this condition, it is advisable to prepare yourself for the appointment. Commonly, you will first have to make a visit to a general practitioner or your family doctor. The doctor will send you to a specialist in skin disorders. This specialist will most likely start by asking you what are the symptoms experienced. If you want to be certain that you will mention them all, without forgetting any, it is advisable to write down these symptoms before the appointment.

After being sure that you noted all symptoms, you should make a list of the medications you are currently taking. Vitamins and supplements should be included here, as well. Make sure that you mentioned them all, as it is quite important for the specialist to be aware of your medication regimen.

In case you have any questions you may want to ask the specialist, you should write them down. This way you can be sure that you will remember everything you wanted to find out. Some of the main things you should consider asking the specialist include:

  • What is the cause of the growth?
  • Can it be cancerous?
  • Are there any additional tests required to trace the cause¬†of the lumps?
  • Is a medical intervention necessary for removal?
  • Are there any risks?

You will have questions for your doctor, but you should also expect to be asked a lot of things by the specialist. Most likely, he/she will ask you when you noticed the lump for the first time, if it has grown since, if you have experienced similar growths in the past, if the lump is painful and if there is a history with lipoma in your family.

Be extremely careful as your answers can help the specialist determine a course of action which will impact your life. Ask everything you want to know and be positive that you understood all recommendations. In most cases, lipoma can be removed through surgical removal, even though in a wide number of situations surgery is not even necessary.

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