Rhino Rohit Dies in Kanpur Zoo

Rhinoceros “Rohit” dies in Kanpur Zoo

A 26-year-old Rhinoceros named Rohit passed away recently. The official cause of death following a postmortem examination was respiratory failure. During the autopsy, veterinarians observed 3 very enlarged structures in Rohit’s intestine. One of the structure was a large tumor of fatty tissue called a lipoma. The lipoma was causing Rohit very serious constipation since August 2012.

Rhino Rohit was treated on many occasions due to constipation where a veterinarian would have to manually remove the “faecal ball” that was building up in the large intestine due to the lipoma obstruction to release Rohit of the constipation.

Rhinos are a highly endangered species and Kanpur zoo is now left with three rhinos, of which two males and one female.

Rhino Rohit was born in Kanpur zoo in the month of June 1989.

RIP Rohit!

Source: The Times of India

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