Risk Factors for Lipoma

What factors can increase the risk of developing a Lipoma?

The exact cause of lipoma is not known, however, there have been studies done that have linked lipoma to other factors and conditions. Women are actually more likely to develop a single lipoma, and men are more likely to develop multiple lipomas which is usually attributed to a condition called lipomatosis (Lipomatosis is believed to be an autosomal dominant condition in which multiple lipomas are present on the body).

The following are preexisting factors that may increase the risk of developing a lipoma:

  1. There is a family history of lipoma. There is evidence that lipoma has some genetic factors as research has shown that lipomas can be hereditary and run in the family.
  1. Problems controlling blood sugar levels (eg. Diabetes) and certain medical conditions such as liver diseases. These conditions have significant influence on macro-nutrient distribution and storage and are a significant risk factor for lipoma.
  1. Being obese (obesity) or being overweight. Too much fat in your body is never a good thing. Lipoma is made of fat, so the more there is the higher the chance of developing a lipoma.
  1. A traumatized area of the body such as a “blunt blow” or some other injury to your skin or body. Traumatized areas seem to have some predisposition to developing a lipoma.

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