Risks Of Lipoma Tumors

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All types of conditions and all treatments are known to have some risks. A lipoma makes no exception from this point of view. Lipomas usually are non-cancerous tumors, which grow under the skin. So, this is a fatty growth formed below the skin, which takes years to develop. In the great majority of cases, no treatment is needed to cure this tumor, as the condition is not painful and causes no complications. One of the most important things that need to be mentioned in this context is that these tumors will not commonly turn into cancer. The disease is mostly diagnosed in men, while compared to women and these tumors are rarely formed in children. Most commonly, the fatty growth is found in people aged over 40.

However, new findings made in this domain have indicated that there are some individuals who have an increased risk in forming the tumors. They include people who have been diagnosed with conditions such as Madelung disease, Adiposis dolorosa, Gradner syndrome and Cowden syndrome. Patients who suffer from one of these diseases are more predisposed to develop the tumor, specialists say. It seems that there are two main risk factors associated with this condition. They are the age of a patient and the forming of other diseases. Still, anyone can develop the tumor. A common misconception is that obesity is a cause of the disease. Obesity actually can increase the risk of the tumor development, but it will never be a cause.

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Dietary factors have also been associated with the forming of this condition. People that form lipomas can be individuals who were born with various genetic damage forms, which favor the formation of this tumor. Since a lipoma is an unattractive growth or mass, many people opt for its surgical removal. Still, it is important to know that only deep or large tumors are recommended to be removed. When the fatty growth is located into a part of the body in which it causes pain or produces discomfort to the patient, its removal will be recommended, too, but these usually are the only cases in which the patient should undergo surgery. If undergoing a surgery is a must, it is really important to mention the fact that it is a simple intervention which will not take more than 30 minutes. The patient will recover after the medical intervention in a couple of weeks. The risks of complications following the procedure are really low.

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