Superficial Subcutaneous Lipoma

Superficial subcutaneous lipomas are probably the most frequent apparitions of this kind and, fortunately for the ones that have them, they are also the easiest ones to treat. Most of the times, these occur in the areas of the trunk, of the thighs and of the forearms, but they can develop in any other portion of the body that has fat tissue as well. The exact location of this type of a lipoma is beneath the skin and above the underlying muscle layer.


Since the real cause of the apparition of lipomas in not yet clarified, we can only assume the fact that it surfaces in one of the instances which have been proven through medical research. Professional researchers have shown that these fat tissues can occur through heritage or after a traumatic event of the body. However, there are still unknown causes, which make these two stand out only as possible theories, rather than as objective conclusions. More to this, it has been noted that lipomas are most likely to occur in women and in overweight people.

The superficial subcutaneous lipomas are common and they can be easily identified. They surface on the skin under the form of small lumps, which can be moved around and have a doughy feel. In the case of the superficial lipomas, as opposed to the others, we can note the fact that they are very small in size and that they do not cause pain for the person carrying them. However, these can grow into larger and more painful lipomas over time.


Diagnosing a superficial subcutaneous lipoma implies a medical checkup during which the specialist will do a physical exam and then a biopsy. Treatments are not always recommended by doctors for superficial subcutaneous lipomas, due to the fact that these are very small and they do not interfere with the lifestyle or with the health of the person. However, if wanted, there are many ways through which it can be treated going from creams and drugs and all the way to surgery, which is recommended more for larger lipomas.

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