Surgery For Lipoma

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A lipoma is a type of fatty growth formed below the skin. Through surgery this mass can easily be removed. However, in many cases removing a lipoma is not a must. This happens because the fatty growth is not painful and it usually is of small dimensions. Lipomas usually do not grow and this is why they represent no threat for the patient’s health.

However, when treatment is required, as lipomas can be painful in rare situations, they can cause discomfort or they may tend to grow, the best intervention to cure it is surgery. Lipoma surgery is very simple to perform. In most situations, this medical intervention is done on an outpatient basis, under local anesthetic. Patients undergoing lipoma surgery will not be retained in hospital after the intervention. As this is considered to be a risks free medical procedure, no medical supervision will be required.

Lipoma surgery only supposes the use of local anesthesia. This means that the patient will be awake during the entire intervention. Recovery after lipoma surgery is also simple. Doctors can recommend to their patients some pain medications, but in most cases they will not be required.


Lipoma removal

If you have been diagnosed with lipoma and you plan on undergoing the surgery for removal, you have to be properly informed on the way in which this medical intervention is performed. Below you will find each step of the procedure of lipoma removal.

For starters, the patient will be injected with a local anesthetic, which will actually be injected somewhere in the area around the lipoma. After the anesthetic makes his effects and the area becomes deadened to pain, an incision is made. The mass or the tissue that forms the lipoma is simply removed though the incision. When the entire mass is eliminated, the patient’s wound is stitched up.

As you can see, the process is as simple as possible. It will not last more than 20 minutes from the start till the finish. However, in case the lipoma is of a big mass, or there are more than one fatty tissue to remove, the intervention can last more.


In many cases, lipomas require no intervention and consequently no treatment. However, there are situations in which surgery can be a must, as well. Ask the advice of your doctor to find out which would be the best choice in your case.

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