Lipoma in Horses – We Salute Devine Light

Lipomas are not only found in humans. They are also found in our beloved pets and sometimes in our beloved horse racing legends! Today we salute Divine Light—Based in Turkey, Divine Light, 19, passed away due to complications from a lipoma tumor being coiled around his intestines. Bred in Japan, the stallion placed in 5 group events, eventually retiring with 4 wins from 26 starts and earnings of $1,836,018. As a sire, he is represented by 5 stakes winners, including Divine Heart and European and English champion Natagora.

Lipomas can be a very serious health hazard that can lead to life threatening complications if they grow out of sight inside the body. They can interfere with vital organs and cause organs to fail if not detected early. Lipomas can be a silent killer in pets. Most vets know this and should detect internal lipomas. Be vigilant and ask questions to your vet. Make sure he/she considers the possibility of a lipoma when nothing else can be found.

Lipoma in Horses - We Salute Devine Light

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