Lipoma Pain

Most medically vetted articles will say that lipomas do not usually cause pain. However, reports from the community of lipoma sufferers suggest that pain is actually quite a common occurrence. Whether pain is felt or not really will depend on the location and size of the lipoma and its proximity to nerves, blood vessels, muscle tissue and organs.

Some also say that lipomas can cause itching and can emit foul smell. And for some people, painful lipomas can be a serious concern while sleeping. If a painful lipoma is located on your back, shoulder or thigh, it can cause a lot of pain in a sleeping position or while moving in your sleep. These are all valid claims but sometimes overlooked or undermined by medical professionals.

If a lipoma causes pain or discomfort, it is important that you seek medical advice and have it checked out by a doctor. As the lipoma grows, if pain is felt it probably means that its growing into an area were nerves maybe present and this can be a health concern if the lipoma continues to grow.

Apricot seed for lipomaThere have been claims that apricot seeds can help to alleviate the pain from a lipoma. Before you try apricot seeds, make sure you talk to your doctor as these can have serious side effects if not taken correctly. A quick google search on the topic will return tones of information as apricot seeds are commonly used to treat cancer as a natural remedy. Start with reading what is on WebMD regarding apricot seeds and then move on to read a discussion and experiment with apricot seeds to relieve lipoma pain here.

A lot still needs to be studies and learned on the use of apricot seeds to treat lipoma. If you want to try it, make sure you start with a low dose (1-2 seeds) and only increase the dose once a week to give your body plenty of time to adjust and emit any side effects (if any). Let us all know below in the comment section if apricot seeds have helped you treat your lipomas!

There are also generic pain relieving gels that you can use to rid the pain of a lipoma but these can have undesired effects if taken for too long. Not to mention that extended use of gels may eventually wear off the effects of relieving pain. You either need to take more or need to change the gel to some other pain-killer. These gels can be purchased from your local pharmacy and ask your pharmacist for any advice on getting gels to relieve lipoma pain.

Do you feel pain or itching on your lipomas? Comment below and let us know!

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