When Should I Treat My Lipoma?

When Should I Treat My Lipoma?

When to treat my lipomaIn the vast majority of cases, a lipoma does need any medical intervention. Lipomas are found in 1-2% of the world’s population and many can even go undetected (if they are very small) for years or even a lifetime. Lipomas are generally harmless and only need medical treatment if they start to grow and cause pain or discomfort. If this happens, its important to consult your doctor for the best treatment plan.

Many chose to remove a lipoma for cosmetic reasons. This can be for personal confidence or self-esteem or because they would rather not have the lump and be reminded of it each day. A lipoma removed for cosmetic reasons may not be covered by your insurer, so you need to check this first if this is a costly operation in your area. Most cosmetic surgeons or general surgeons can remove lipomas and the operation is usually quite fast and heals well although you should be aware that sometimes scaring can occur from surgery (Risks of Surgery). Some have claimed that sometimes the scaring is even worse than the lipoma, so you need to take this into consideration before undergoing surgery for cosmetic reasons, especially if the lipoma can be removed by other means such as liposuction or steroid injections (Watch this video).

If your lipoma is properly diagnosed and deemed a lipoma with no chances of it being a potentially cancerous tumor, then consult your doctor on the best course of action. In most cases, if the lipoma is small and not of major cosmetic concern, your doctor will probably advise to leave it alone.

It maybe an idea to read up on natural remedies to treating lipomas but be careful of unfounded guides around the internet that have “cure” claims. Usually, a well-adjusted diet with proper selection of the right nutrients, supplements and regular exercise to keep your body active and healthy as well as the use of some specific herbs and supplements could help in reducing the size or number of your lipomas. There are also remedies that can be applied directly on the lipoma that maybe worth trying. Most are of no health concern but you need to check with your doctor or caregiver if you are not sure.

Here is a free guide on lipoma treatment options and a review on holistic approaching to treating lipoma to get you started.

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