Here is what a Typical Lipoma Looks Like

Here is a great photo of a “typical lipoma” up front and personal! A lipoma is a fatty tumor that grows very slowly and is often located under the skin. They are almost exclusively benign and do not spread through the body like a cancer does. Your doctor will likely recommend surgery or liposuction as a way to get rid of them (if that is what you want) but there are also other treatment options available including collagenase injections and natural remedies. There are also many supplements on the market that help in redistributing/eliminating fat storages that can influence a lipomas size or growth rate. Here are some Guides that can help you understand the things you need to do to fight lipomas naturally.

If you do see what you think is a lipoma under the skin, consult your physician first to ensure that the diagnosis is done correctly and it is indeed a lipoma. Cysts, can often look like a lipoma but are filled with fluids and not fats. So its important the right diagnosis is made before a treatment action is taken. Any Questions? Comment below!


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