Water Fasting to Treat Lipoma

Water Fasting for LipomaSome people are having success treating their lipomas with an age-old cleansing technique: Water Fasting. Water fasting is a type of fasting where only water is consumed for an extended period of time. Water fasting is a common component of detox diets and other “cleaning” associated diets.

There is very little scientific evidence behind it in humans, but numerous mouse studies have had interesting results:

– Effect of intermittent fasting on prostate cancer tumor growth in a mouse model – 2010.
– Fasting weakens cancer in mice – 2012.

It is quite a new phenomenon and approach in the world of lipoma treatment. There are significant risks to fasting though and you should consult your physician before doing one. If you do decide to do one in order to treat your lipoma, start with short cycles of a 1-3 days in a row and keep a close what on the size of your lipomas. A very useful discussion to read is located over on LipomaBoard.com and I would advise anyone wanting to do a water fast as a treatment option for lipoma go over there and ready the discussion. A quote from Matt (the Administrator of LipomaBoard.com) states:

“Wow, this sounds very interesting. I must say I’ve noticed that my lipomas have gotten softer while I have sometimes eaten only salads for a while but I have never thought it would be the way to cure my lipomas? And to do that just in two weeks sounds astonishing! I think it’s possible there’s some truth behind it though…”

Lipoma Water FastingHaving a clean diet free of unprocessed foods, animal proteins, bad carbohydrates and fats and lots of water combined with exercise and supplements to help in micronutrients distribution and storage can go a long way in affecting lipomas since they as simple lumps of fat under the skin. Like any fat in the body, adjustments in lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress…etc will have an effect of fat in the body.

Also, if you have not done so already, watch this video I posted yesterday on water fasting.

Hope this post has been helpful for you to read. Hit me up with any comments or question below if you have them.

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