What are the risks of a lipoma?

Lipoma PainSo what risks do Lipomas pose on your health?

Here we cover some of the health risks you may encounter from treating and not treating a lipoma. Generally, lipoma treatment may cause pain, bruising and swelling in the affected area.

If you chose to have your lipoma removed by a liposuction procedure, you risk permanent cosmetic changes such as dimpling and color changes in the area of the lipoma. One liposuction may also not be sufficient as your lipoma could still be present and continue growing again.

If you chose for surgical removal, there are significant risks to consider:

  • A scare where the incision was made
  • Chance of a seroma forming (pocket of fluid) in nearby tissues or organs.
  • Damage nearby nerves, which can result in numbness or tingling in your skin.
  • Muscle injury.
  • Local Bleeding and bruising.
  • Infection, which needs further treatment.

Remember that a lipoma may need multiple interventions to completely remove. A surgical removal and liposuction may need to be repeated in the future as the lipoma starts to grow again.

Without treatment your lipoma could increase in size and eventually result in pain or blockages. For example, if the lipoma is in your bowel, a growing lipoma could have serious consequences in bowel movements. A growing lipoma can also cause hemorrhage (heavy bleeding) in nearby tissue or organs. A lipoma in the throat may cause difficulty in breathing and maybe life threatening.

Natural preventative treatments are always a wise option if you suffer from one or multiple lipomas. Simple changes in your diet; lifestyle and adding of some basic supplements have been suggested to have a significant impact on the appearance and growth of lipomas. You can start by reading this free guide.

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