What Causes Lipoma?

So what is the cause of a lipoma?

What causes lipoma?There are many theories on what causes lipoma and some have more scientific validation than others. Uniform across most theories, our genes are likely involved is some form. But the answer is much more complex then that. Nothing is straight forward in biology and the more you understand, the more questions that arise, the less you know.

But lets move away from the complexities of biology and just lay down the facts as we know them today about lipoma:

1. Lipoma likely has a hereditary component to it. So if there is a history of lipoma in your family, you are at greater risk of developing a lipoma.

2. Lipoma genetics is complex and likely involves the switching on and off of genes, which is largely dependent on stimuli which can come from the environment. (diet, activity, age, other genes, stress, trauma…etc…the list is extensive!)

3. Lipomas are often triggered by an environmental factor (both internal and external to the body). For example a trauma on the skin can result in a lipoma in that area.

4. Some people are more prone than others to developing lipomas (sorry about that!). But you can look at it like cancer, some get it, some don’t. Its sucks I know!

5. Lipoma’s can come and go. As they can grow, they can also regress. Again, it’s the genes and the environmental influences that are likely responsible.

6. TIP: Due to the complexities of the possible causes of lipomas, and if you are suffering from lipomas, try to take a holistic healthy approach to life and try to adjust lifestyle and diet. read this post and look at this guide.

I will add to this list as the research advances and more light is shed on what causes lipoma.

Hope this was useful. Please comment and discuss below. Would love to get your take on what causes lipoma and any experiences you have had. And remember to join my newsletter for the latest tips, news and research on lipoma and related conditions.

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