When Should a Lipoma Be Removed

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A lipoma, also known as a fatty lump, is a benign tumor made up of fatty cells and adipose tissue. The most common body areas in which a lipoma may develop are the upper arms, armpit, torso, and neck. However, there are people who develop a lipoma in the strangest places. This is not something to worry about, since a lipoma is non cancerous, small and painless, so it can easily be left alone. Some may not even know they have a lipoma until they go for a regular checkup and the doctor accidentally notices it.

However, there are some cases in which it is necessary for the lipoma to be removed. If the lipoma becomes painful or tender, the patient will probably want it removed, since it causes him pain and discomfort. And speaking of discomfort, there are also cases when a lipoma becomes unpleasant, bothersome or unaesthetic, so the patient having it will be relieved after its removal. Some people just hate the thought of a having a tumor inside their bodies, so instead of becoming self-conscious about it, they would rather have it removed. Besides the physical appearance and bothering aspects, there are also less fortunate cases when a lipoma requires removal procedures. For instance, if the lipoma becomes repeatedly inflamed or infected, it should be removed as soon as possible. Draining foul-smelling discharge is also a sign that the lipoma must be removed.

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Should the lipoma interfere with movement or function, removing it is the best option. In case the lipoma increases in size, it would be better for it to be removed, as well. Luckily, there are many removal techniques that can be used nowadays to get rid of a lipoma: simple surgical excision, liposuction, or the squeeze technique. Prior to choosing one of these removal options, consulting with the doctor is definitely a good idea. Usually, removing a lipoma is done in a short amount of time, but there have been cases when the patient needed to undergo surgery under general anesthesia, since the lipoma was in a body area that was hard to reach through simple incision.

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