Why Lipoma Is Formed

A lipoma is a common soft tissue tumor that can be formed by all individuals, no matter the moment. Why do people form lipoma is a question which does not have a simple answer. In fact, specialists have not been able to establish a cause of lipoma development and it is not yet certain which are the main risk factors that can determine the disorder. A lipoma is a fatty lump or tumor and it grows under the skin.

Well, although the causes of lipoma forming are yet unknown, there still are some situations in which patients are more likely to form the condition. The history of the patient’s family is one of them. So, if there are cases of lipoma development in your family, the chances for you to form it as well are increased. So, from this point of view, a lipoma can be considered an hereditary condition. A minor injury may trigger the growth, and so it can also be an influential factor when it comes to the forming of lipomas. However, lipoma forming is not known to have serious consequences on a patient’s heath. In fact, most patients live with the lump formed for many years until noticing a change and being diagnosed. On the other hand, a lipoma is hard to trace, as it is not painful. Treatment is not necessary required to remove lipomas, but a surgical intervention can be recommended in the cases in which the tumor is painful. When no pain is experienced by a patient, doctors are most likely going to recommend no intervention.

However, if your doctor’s recommends a lipoma removal, you should not worry about such a surgery, as it is very easy to perform and involves no risks. The risk factors associated with the forming of lipomas include the age of the individuals, as such tumors are most likely to be formed between the ages of 40 and 60, and also the forming of other conditions, such as adiposis delorosa or Gardner and Cowden syndromes. Although many people seem to believe that when being overweight the chances that patients have to form such a condition are very much increased, specialists consider that obesity does not cause lipomas.

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